Comments by readers and artists:

I was recently interviewed for Tucson Harmony, a blog from journalist/photographer Brian Gersten focusing on local musicians in Tucson. By the end of it you’ll know as much about me as I do!  – Paul Amiel in Facebook

Beautiful interview, Paul! I enjoyed learning more about your love of music. – Ellen Shenkarow in Facebook

Wow! A great article! Congrats, Paul, on all the fame :-) I guess now it is my turn to start respecting you! – Janna Schaeffer in Facebook

“Frank, Honest, and Long.”  Those are my one word descriptions of it. Thanks for featuring me! – Crystal Stark

Thank you again for this article. Although I’ve had many interviews before they were never nearly as long and descriptive unless they were live on the radio and gone with the airwaves. So I learned a lot working with you and reading my quotes. – Kate Becker


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