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Last night’s binge has not completely blitzed my mind. Starring blankly at the half-eaten bagel and cardboard cup of steaming coffee, the quarter notes finally float together to form an original phrase in C-sharp. Would it be enough tonight to … Continue reading

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Improvisation without Premeditation

“Such virtuosity! Captivated by the artist, we decided to book him on the program. A judicious choice. The synergy was very quickly realized between the charmed audience and the musicians,” says Jacques Panisset, director of the Grenoble Jazz Festival in … Continue reading

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The Neys Have It

Paul Amiel is a musical artist, scholar, and philosopher who currently emphasizes the music and instruments of ancient cultures, Turkey and East Asia. He plays exotic instruments like the Turkish ney (a flute) and Chinese guqin (a long horizontal stringed … Continue reading

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Many Hats

Mike Levy is a multi-talented artist who has 15 stringed instruments and a boxful of percussion instruments in his collection. He sings, composes, owns and runs a production studio, record label, and a publishing house. To listen to Mike play … Continue reading

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A Uniquely Clear Voice

Competing on American Idol brought Crystal Stark sudden local and national celebrity. Her talents are still eagerly sought by event organizers. To listen to Crystal sing a clip of Eyes Wide Open while you read, click the arrowhead below: The … Continue reading

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Beware the Grease Spots

Audience members attending the open house sporting Birkenstocks and T-shirts maneuvered carefully around the grease on the floor of the RV mechanic’s garage. Carrying their purses, the audience fingered the sale clothes racks at the department store. Dressed in ties, … Continue reading

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She’s “Magik”

“Rhythm…Soul…Passion…It has the ‘Wha’ (pedal)…It’s joyful…Danceable…Think Sly and the Family Stone.” That’s how Kate Becker, principal of Kate Becker and the Zodiacs, defines Funk, an important component of the band’s sound. Kate forged a successful career as a singer, songwriter, and … Continue reading

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